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Implied and concealed nude – what's the difference?

Implied and concealed nude motifs are very common in pinup photography. But what is the difference? Every model and photographer should be able to answer this, so if you can't, read on.

Implied nude is an image where the model isn't nude, but the image implies that she is.

In a concealed nude image, the model is nude, but her private parts are concealed.

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the difference. The two images above are good examples.

The image to the left is an implied nude. While the model seems to be completely naked, she is in fact wearing her nickers. She could of course have been naked under the towel (which is what we want the viewer to believe), and that would have got us exactly the same result. But there is no reason to ask the model to undress if it isn't necessary for the shot.

Now have a look at the image to the right. This is a concealed nude. In this case it would have been difficult to pull it off if the model wasn't completely undressed. None of the images show «to much», but had to be solved in different ways.

Even though a model posing for concealed nude is covered during the shoot, I believe it's important to know the difference. Not everybody is comfortable being nude in a studio, especially if they came in the belief they would be able to keep their nickers on. As a photographer you need to be presise about what you need the model to do, especially when working with non professionals. And as a model just starting out your career, you should learn the basic speaking terms of the industry, so you don't sign up for something else than you thought.

– Are

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