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I'm an Oslo based Norwegian photographer with a taste for vintage, pinup and burlesque. I do shoot other styles as well, but these are by far my favorites.

Even though I shoot mostly for my own photographic projects, like calendars, books and posters, I also take on both private and professional clients.


I'm constantly looking for new models, and I work just as well with amateurs as with professionals. If you're a pro' and in need of new photos for your portfolio, or an amateur who would like to take part in one of my projects, I'm open for time for print collaborations (TFP) – as long as it benefits both parties.

If you'd like to be a TFP model, drop me a few lines about yourself, why you're applying, your stats/measurements ​and 3-4 non edited recent photos.

Note that I'm happy to work with models in all shapes and sizes. The most important to me, is that little twinkle in your eye.

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